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Financial Health Literacy Training & Coaching Center is a private company founded in 2006 to assist individuals and couples with their financial literacy and financial education needs. Our program was founded on the premise that one-on-one coaching that provides direct and tailored assistance is the most effective approach for achieving long-term benefits to clients from financial literacy training. Over time, we have expanded our platform to also support financial literacy training and education to primary school age children through a module-based computer interface. We have already piloted our application for primary schools.

Our mission has been clear from inception: offer tailored financial literacy and education programs that enhance the financial lives of our clients. Our goal is to design a program teaching financial literacy that will support a lifetime of Financial Health Literacy Training & Coaching Center.


At Financial Health Literacy Training & Coaching Center we have made a commitment to take the Financial Life Journey with you as long as you are committed to becoming an active participant. We will extend our hands and walk you through this journey.


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