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Coach’s Corner

Coach’s Corner

Each month the coach’s corner will be filled with exciting and informative information from our Financial and Life Coaches. Please return soon to see what next month’s notes will be.

Financial Health Literacy Training & Coaching Center LTCC ………We Have An Answer!

Our mission has been clear from inception: offer tailored financial literacy and education programs that enhance the financial lives of our clients. Our goal is to design a program teaching financial literacy that will support of a lifetime of Financial Health Literacy Training & Coaching Center.

Coach Tea

Senior Generalist Life Coach

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Coach Troy

Troy Gunn is a financial literacy instructor, trainer and life coach for preteens, teens and high schools’ students.

Coach Dodds

Ms. Dodds is financial life coach for college students, young and mature adults (18-35).

Coach North

Ms. North is a financial literacy instructor and coach for the MITBU seminar and course program. Ms. North coaches various age groups.


At Financial Health Literacy Training & Coaching Center we have made a commitment to take the Financial Life Journey with you as long as you are committed to becoming an active participant. We will extend our hands and walk you through this journey.


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