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"It is so important that the generations of young people growing into adulthood rise above those before them and invest themselves in education of all kinds. We appreciate the stand for financial literacy that Financial Health and Fitness has made to people of all ages and for not forgetting our young people."


My husband and I were overwhelmed with money problems; we did not know where to turn, we were faced with
losing our home. A friend told us about financial health and fitness so I called, the best financial decision I have
made, after nine month of service, my husband and I are on the road to recovery and we still have our home.
Gregg & Mary – Cincinnati, Ohio

I was given a business card from a customer for Coach Dixon at financial health and fitness. I called, Coach Dixon
asked me to come into their Financial Literacy Center. Coach Dixon taught me budgeting and saving techniques in
a clear and simple manner. I am glad to be a part of the FHF family and be around people who are willingly to go
the extra mile.
Jill - Castleberry, FL

I recommend Financial Health and Fitness to everyone who wants to learn how to take control of their financial
matters. I am a student obtaining my Masters degree in Business Management. The nice part is they have business
coaches, so after I’m finished learning from a personal standpoint of money management; I can obtain knowledge
about starting a business. I love the coaches they are warm, friendly and care about the community.
John – Lake Mary, FL

Financial Health and Fitness has made all the difference in how I spend and think about money. I never seem to
know what I was spending money on; through these economic times I wanted to learn money management
techniques and learn how to save more. I say try FHF, the tools they provide are life changing. These days everyone
needs help they are there to assist and they actually do what they say.
Barry - Atlanta, GA

Thank you! This educational program provided students with the opportunity of early financial education; an area
that many people in urban areas do not learn about until their adult years, if at all. The students of Bunche
Elementary looked forward to these weekly sessions. The content of the students' weekly lessons were informative
and covered a wide range of topics. It was a financial learning experience as well as a mean to interact with
technological resources. As an educator I believe in the early empowerment of our students. Their financial future
really does depend on how much they know today, and what type of spending habits they create.
Principal, Bunche Elementary School, CA

"We believe in the mission of Financial Health and Fitness and welcome their participation in the providing of services to our clientele."